Human introductions and fears

Humans are known to be very complex organisms, the most interesting beings. With each body consisting of 10 to 50 trillion cells, we certainly are not amoebae. Over 60,000 miles of blood vessels transport oxygen to these cells, and these blood vessels are powered by one tireless organ: the human heart.

The heart is often described as the center of emotions: love, hate, happiness, depression and more. But where do these emotions really originate? To find the answer to such question we must delve deep into the most complex organ: the brain. The brain is the center of the nervous system, such as the king of our own bodies. In which the center of our emotions await. This portion of the brain is known as the amygdala.

The amygdala controls many things: emotions, emotional memory storage, emotional response and our appetite. Humans are known to physically develop quite quickly, but we do not emotionally mature until we become “adults.” And adulthood is reached at what age? Those raised in America will most likely mention the age 21 due to the acts that are associated with this age. But who is to say that someone might not mature at a more rapid pace? I know I have certainly met some students who are light-years beyond some of the adults I have met in my life, and I am sure that as you read you have names that come to mind also.

As we develop, we gain our own habits, our own signatures. We have hobbies, likes, dislikes. We are taught that every person is their own, such as a snowflake. But once you forget emotions are we not all just piles of carbon? An organic matter that walks the Earth? I say that every human is not different, there are copies. Not only physically but emotionally also. Such as psychological disorders, there is not only one single depressed person in the world; we can find matches. Everyone can be analyzed.

Every time I write this blog we will be analyzing a new portion of human nature and emotion. Today we will be examining a very powerful emotion: fear. Fear can be as simple as being afraid of heights, or strong enough to induce a panic attack. But once we look closely we can see that fear is caused by ignorance. We are ignorant to safety measures and the unknown. We don’t know what will happen once we reach the top of that roller coaster, but do you really think that they would let people ride if it was not safe? We do not know what will happen, but what is there to be afraid of? Spiders? Heights? Death? All of these fears just hold us back whilst living life.

Fear is something that we let happen, it can be controlled and overcome. It is just an emotion created in our minds, nothing more or less. My goal of writing this is to make my readers realize that fear is nothing more than a burden, it does not keep us safe from dangerous things, it just holds us back from living our lives. It is pointless and should be eliminated from our lives. So now I ask you: what do you fear? Your answer now should be nothing. Live everyday as if it is your last.