Weekend storm lets in water

Over the weekend water leaked into the halls and classrooms of the school due to a roof leak. Mrs. Angie Kozlowski, assistant principal, was seen with Principal Sonny Arnel Monday morning cleaning up the water that had seeped from the floors of the second level.

“We were mopping up everything,” Mrs. Kozlowski said. “A first storm damaged the roof two weeks ago, and a patch was put in place until it could be fully repaired, but the second storm that came this past weekend had a lot of strong winds that blew the patch open allowing for the water to come in.”

Mrs. Kozlowski is the assistant principal in charge of grounds.

The library had to be closed Monday to allow for some of the teachers whose classrooms had been flooded a place to teach their students.

Ms. Tonisha Moore, Communication Arts teacher, was one of the teachers whose room was affected by the water damage Monday.

“I had to move to a different room every hour. Needless to say, everybody was late; it just created a lot of chaos,” said Ms. Moore.

“Everybody should be back in their rooms and the repair men are supposed to be fixing the roof Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,” Mrs. Kozlowski said.