‘Whip It’

Hey all! I’m Kyle Braden, and I’m a junior. I’ve decided to write a totally awesome blog to reach out to teens who struggle with weight issues, body image issues and for those of us who just want to be healthier or who need to still shed the pounds from last Thanksgiving dinner! I picked this topic because I think that body image plays an important role in society today, and I also think that a good majority of teenagers today would call themselves fat or ugly.

Most of the people who consider themselves fat actually aren’t, and most people who call themselves ugly aren’t close to ugly either. Every week, I’m going to write a little snippet about “Whipping It Into Shape,” a “just for kicks” health fact and a personal health goal of the week. And I’m hopefully going to reach out to some people by the time I’m done with this blog.

I’m far from a health nut, but I will admit that I am conscious of my body and my image. It’s one thing to look in the mirror every five minutes and another to just come to school in pajamas with your hair not even brushed. I like to think of life as a stage, there’s always a moment, whether I know it or not, that I can impress people with my looks AND personality.

I decided this past January that I actually wanted to start feeling better about myself and that I wanted to look better. Since January, I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 34 pounds (from 232 pounds to 196) and I’ve actually been keeping it off! It all started with fitness walking class to be perfectly honest, I actually put forth the effort in that class, started sweating in class and got results.

I also learned the importance of telling myself “no” when it comes to food. I used to use food as something to help me cope with my problems (eating when I’m upset), but I’ve learned that I can rely on music to help me cope when I feel down and out, as well as exercise. Although, nothing irks me more than when a skinny girl who looks like Aphrodite is chatting with her friends and says “OH MY GOD GUYS! Today I totally like found a little like fat on my arms; I’m like going to eat celery and like air for the next 2 weeks!” Hello rude little priss priss, there is a girl that is twice your size standing right behind you, and now you’ve probably made her and me feel like hippos!

Get this: Some people actually are fat! If you actually think you’re fat, then do something about it instead of complaining to everyone else about it! What you actually need in order to start changing things physically about yourself for the better is a goal and motivation. So my friends, I leave you to ponder these questions: Am I actually wanting to change myself for the better physically or not? Am I actually fat or do I just want to get healthy? If you answered yes to the first question, then I invite you to return next week when we talk about motivation. Till then, stay classy!

“Just for Kicks:” When feeling “sick to your stomach” drink or eat something containing ginger, such as ginger ale because ginger helps to calm your stomach.

Health Goal: I will go back to the gym, from my 2 month hiatus, for a total of 2 hours by Wednesday, September 1.