Motivation Devices

Motivation. I could give you some big long definition that doesn’t make any sense but instead I’ll break motivation down for you. It’s why we do what we do. Why do we get out of bed in the morning? To go to school. Why do we go to school? To get good grades. Why do we want to get good grades? To get into a college of our choice because we like lots of options. And why do we want to go to college? So we can get a good job to support ourselves the rest of our lives. Simple people, simple.

Motivation is a very important key player, if not the most important key player, when one wants to start exercising and become healthier. If you don’t have a reason to start exercising you won’t have a reason to keep exercising. Let’s be honest here, I don’t really know anyone who exercises because they like to sweat and smell like a pig that just rolled around in the mud hole out back. Most people exercise because they have a goal in their life that exercising plays a key part of and that goal is what motivates them to sweat and smell gross. Moving on, my goal today is to help you find a “motivation device” (a motivator that will keep me afloat when I feel like sinking). It doesn’t have to be something serious and it doesn’t have to be silly. The only requirement of your exercise goal is that it has to be something that you can accomplish and something that’s going to keep you motivated to keep exercising. When I started exercising I made a dead goal from the beginning.

Honestly my motivation to exercise was straight up men. I was tired of being alone and I deluded myself into thinking that if I became more attractive and lost weight I would magically find myself a boyfriend. WRONG! What’s wrong with this goal is that it didn’t keep me motivated. I did almost find myself a boyfriend but I stopped exercising because my goal was near complete. My new goal can still be called shallow but I don’t care what other people think about my goal because it’s MINE and it’s going to keep ME motivated.

Goal: Eventually I want a husband.

Let’s break it down people. Why do I work? To pay for my gym membership…and maybe a ton of other stuff I don’t need. Why do I have a gym membership? I know I won’t exercise at home because I get distracted too easily. Why do I exercise at a gym? Because there isn’t anything else to do there but exercise (besides watching other people exercise -that’s major creep-) and so I can keep my weight off that I lost, loose some more weight, and tone up. Why do I want to loose weight? So I can look good enough to attract mates (Yes, I just said mates). Why do I date my mates (that rhymes)? So eventually I can find a permanent “mate” to make me happy forever. And why will I keep exercising once I find my hubby? So my “mate” won’t go on other dates. My goal does seem silly but I know that it will work for me, making it a “motivation device.”

Your mission before next week’s blog is to make a “motivation device.” Remember it has to be something you really want or don’t want. Something that you know is going to get you motivated and KEEP (key word people) you motivated to exercise once you start smelling like a trash truck (Yes, I understand that exercising does not make you look pretty but it is necessary if you want be the best person that you can be). Next week we’ll discuss how exercising doesn’t just make you healthy, you need to at your beans and greens as well. Till then Ciao!

“Just for Kicks”- When you feel like you’re getting congested or have a cold drink lots of OJ (orange juice), Orange Juice is packed with Vitamin D which helps fight colds!

Health Goal: I will completely give up soda, like I did between January and June, by Saturday the 4th.