Everyday signatures

Let’s begin with handwriting. Handwriting is what I consider most important out of my personality. I know that I do not have very neat handwriting, and those around me know that I always write in cursive. You can tell so much about someone based on their handwriting. Graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting. Graphology is considered to be a pseudoscience, yet so is astrology. No matter what evidence their is against it, it is clear to me that there must be some relation or identification methods that are seeded in this science. Think about it, you write a word, what does this word look like? Does it have a specific shape? Is it exactly the same as someone else who wrote that word? The answer is no, no two people can right exactly the same. I like to think of it this way: writing is like a fingerprint, only you can write that way, it is your identity. I believe that with every single word we right, we leave a part of us behind. Just like every single thing we touch leaves a fingerprint behind. Handwriting displays your personality, except it is subconscious. The methods of graphology are slant of handwriting, size, style, space between letters, the list goes on and on.

Now onto writing style. It is very difficult to analyse another writers true style. See what I did there? Are you paying attention? If you were then you would see that I used an uncommon spelling of the word “analyze.” What we see is never what the author intended. How we read was never how it was wrote. Lastly, how we view the work is never as intended either. In school we are taught that their is one way to analyze a piece of literature, but what if this is wrong? What if this “theme” we are speaking of is actually not the theme that the author intended. Mark Twain is rolling over in his grave due to some of the ways his work has been looked at and analysed. Do you really think Carl Marx intended communism to be taken in such a way of Russia and China? Since it is nearly impossible to analyse another writers style, I am now going to discuss mine and how it mirrors my personalty.

My writing is very complex, many things are going through my head as I plan each word to write. There may not be metaphors and similes galore, but is that really what makes writing good? I must be confused, I always thought it was content that was used to prove a point. You can say things in many ways without putting that fake sparkle on it. My writing is very chaotic and can be difficult to follow. I like to try out new words in my writing. Every single time I write something my goal is to blow your mind. I do not write for no reason, I write in order to get my point across. Sometimes the message is coded and others it is not. If you were looking for a writer with my type of style and beliefs you would need to look at Chuck Palahniuk. Yet, if writing is so powerful, how can so many people just blow it off? It really haunts me that so few people read in this world, I believe that one day there will be two types of people: those who read and those who do not. The scientists and the pawns. My writing is difficult to analyze. By the way, I spelled analyze a different way every other time I used it. Did you catch that? Look closer next time, you just might learn something.