Applications bring realization

And with the click of the mouse, my first college application was submitted. It was a surreal feeling. Numerous thoughts were circling through my head. Was I really just filling out my first college application? How did I grow up so fast? And could I see myself attending this school?

I felt like a senior for the first time. This school year had felt like any other school year up until this point. But now, it was different. The click of the save button alerted me that changes were coming. That after this year, my life would head in a different direction (and even possibly a different part of the country.

For the first time, college seemed real. It seemed attainable. Sure I have gone on college visits, but actually applying made college seem almost in my grasp.

But I still have a few other applications I want to fill out. Maybe subsequent applications won’t have the same feeling as this first one did, but I now know that the ball has started rolling

Oh, and by the way, the college I applied to was Seton Hall University. If that makes any difference.