Mainstream meets Music Guru

During these past summer months, I was exposed to a particular album, which I never thought I would enjoy. Of course, Timmah was the one who played it for me. We were in the car, and I couldn’t help but get excited about the music that was resounding from the speakers! The name of this album is “Miike Snow (Deluxe Edition)”, by “Miike Snow.” (Weird, I know…) Also, the double “i” is not a typo! He really is that cool.

Jumping back to what I’m trying to say- the first song that he played for me was Silvia. Merely the introduction to this song draws you in! You’re listening, you’re listening…the song is mellow for the first verse. Then after that, the whole sound breaks free! The synth comes in along with other electronic beats, and creates a new spot on the canvas of the song. We proceed into the next verse with this sound, past the mellow phase, and work our way into the vocals, which sound like they are spiraling out of control! They obviously are controlled, we find. But they keep going, in circles, purely simplistic electronic captivating circles. They fade forward and back, keeping you listening. The sounds twist up and down, creating a corkscrew in the `image of the song.

I found myself singing along, trying desperately yet carelessly to depict where the next note would land! I hoped to crescendo with the echo. However, whether I was accurate did not matter in the least. What mattered was the fact that the song had the ability to make me join it. It had the ability to make me move, to make me glide with it. When the vocals are done, the sound still holds strong. They keys separate themselves from the lyrics, and make themselves known. They ride the song to the very, spectacular, faded finish.

Needless to say, this song had to be my favorite. It is six and a half minutes of pure, much-needed estrangement from oneself. The album in its entirety is magnificent. Along with Silvia, some other songs that caught my ear were Animal, which promotes the positive dehumanization in everyone, along with the unique electronic sounds. Also, I find the song Black & Blue with its upbeat city sound and distinctive falsetto bridges, to intrigue me.

The album as a whole brings an entirely new meaning to the alternative genre. Possessing one-of-a-kind sounds, beats, bridges, vocals, phrases, and a completely new fan base, this group is sure to cause mainstream followings and the indie Music Gurus to collide.


-Anna Gingrich