Healthy makeup

So last week I told you I was going to be talking about spot treatments. And I was fully planning on doing just that. Except my face cleared up so now I can’t. So instead, I’m going to give you guys some makeup tips. And yes, you boys out there can wear makeup (liquid foundation, powder cover-up, and concealer to hide unwanted blemishes, eyeliner, eyeshadow, or mascara to enhance your eyes, or lip gloss or colored chap-stick to show off your lips). It’s not a girl thing. I see boys wear makeup quite often, it looks fine and it’s not noticeable. I only knew about it because they told me. So this week I’m covering healthy makeup.

I try not to wear a lot of makeup because my makeup isn’t what you would consider healthy makeup. It, like most people’s makeup, clogs your pores and makes you break out, so that you put on more makeup and the vicious cycle continues. However, there are products out there that aren’t very expensive and won’t hurt your skin. Sure, you’ll still get breakouts every now and then, but it won’t be from your cover-up.

One of the most important things to do if you’re going to wear makeup that’s better for your skin, is to get a cover-up or foundation that has at least SPF15 in it. Sun damage to your face can cause premature wrinkles and sun spots, and no one wants that. Another thing to look at, and you really have to look, is that your liquid cover-ups and concealers don’t have oils in them. Just because the front of the bottle says “oil free” doesn’t mean it is, so check the ingredients on the back of the bottle. These oils are one of the main causes of breakouts from makeup.

Another thing people don’t pay attention to is that the more powder makeup you put on, the more noticeable your makeup is. On top of that, it may tone down skin discoloration, but it makes the actual spot more noticeable up close. You shouldn’t put on more than one light layer of powder to keep your liquid makeup from coming of as easily.

Last, but definitely not least, is to make sure you take off your makeup before you go to bed. If you’re not going anywhere after school, take it off when you get home. The longer you leave makeup on, the worse shape your skin will be in.

As a last note, we all got our pictures back recently from schedule pickup. Want to know how to put on photogenic makeup? Check out this video! (It’s called “School Picture Day Look” in case the link only goes to her page) Yes, photogenic makeup breaks all the rules I just showed you, but you don’t wear your makeup like this for very long or very often, so try it out next time. Michelle Phan does makeup tutorials, so if you want some ideas or how-to’s, check out her youtube page.

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