Shedding the pounds

Before we continue on through our weight loss journey, I think I need to take this week’s blog to be totally honest about my weight loss experience and the ups and downs I’ve faced, so I can help get you prepared for the onslaught of ups and downs that you may face.

I embarked on my weight loss journey this past January. My goal, as previously mentioned, was to lose 40 pounds (side note-it’s good to pick out a specific number of pounds you want to lose that way you have an achievable goal, although most people break the 40 pounds down into smaller pound goals at a time so their goal is more realistically achievable); however, I soon realized that my real goal was to simply loose enough weight to feel good about myself and start liking me so that others could possibly start liking me as well. My motivation was to find and get a boyfriend.

From January until June I was a pure and utter Nazi over what I would and wouldn’t allow myself to eat. I gave up soda entirely and began drinking between 12-20 glasses of water a day. Let me tell you that I used to HATE drinking water. I thought the taste was awful because it was just so bland, but then I began to like water. I was also a HUGE soda drinker. I seriously loved every kind of soda except Dr.Pepper and I drank like four sodas a day.

Clearly, I drank A LOT of liquid in one day; many of the extra calories I was consuming just came from drinking tasty, sugary drinks all day. I made myself choose healthier alternatives to things I really wanted: when I craved fried chicken, I got grilled or baked; when I wanted ice cream, I ate yogurt; when I wanted a chip, I allowed myself to only eat baked chips; when I wanted bread, I made myself choose wheat and whole grain over white (I think you get the picture). I also used to use food as a coping device. When I was upset, angry, depressed, or bored, I ate. I’ve never really had a “sweet tooth”, and I ate a pretty well balanced diet, but I never exercised.

In January, I started taking a fitness walking class. Many people mock fitness walking at school. Some say it isn’t exercise, and others say you play around in that class, but I will stand up any day of the week to defend the fitness walking class. In January it had been a year since I had taken any P.E. class, and I honestly didn’t feel like taking a vigorous exercise class because I didn’t like to exercise. However, my friend Emily Struckman and I pumped it in fitness walking class. We were always leading the pack, sweating and singing to our iPods really loud and mostly off key. I started to notice myself shedding a few pounds after a few weeks in fitness walking class. It was a pure revelation.

Once April rolled around, I decided that I was going to join a gym. My grandpa was very against it because he’s the old fashioned type of guy who thinks that you can just exercise around the subdivision. I suppose this is true, but I really do have issues exercising by myself around my neighborhood. Ever since I’ve been little, people in my neighborhood have let their animals run amok like they live out in a rural area.

Naturally, every time I decided to play outside I would spot a loose dog that would chase me around, which is not okay in my book. Also, when I was younger, I went for a walk by myself and almost got kidnapped and ever since my bad outside experiences, I just prefer not to go on walks alone. My other problem is that I get distracted very easily, so exercising inside my house was out of the question as well. My only answer was the gym. At a gym everyone does one thing: exercise! There’s nothing else to do there and there’s other people just as big as you are who are there for the same reasons. I put myself in an environment where I would be forced to exercise, and it was a really good decision If I do say so myself!

So from April-June 24, I pretty much went to the gym about four times per week for at least an hour each time. Then I went on a family vacation to Jamaica, and while I was there I started drinking soda again and eating unhealthy again. I ate dessert and I totally lost my diet. I’m going to be totally honest right now and say that I haven’t been back to the gym since I’ve gotten back from vacation. I’ve also noticed myself putting on a little weight and that’s not okay with me at all. I have lost 31 pounds since January (snaps for Kyle) and I don’t gain weight as easily as I used to. I just need to get myself back on track is all, which is going to happen TODAY! I’ve recently given up soda as my faithful readers already know, and I have been sticking to that promise. However; my other goal was to go back to the gym which I still haven’t done…but I will!

*Here Are Some In’s and Out’s of Exercise*

1) Don’t lie to yourself

2) Find your motivation and keep being motivated no matter what happens

3) If you don’t have self control (like I do) DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO EAT UNHEALTHY AT ALL or you’re just going to keep eating unhealthy until gradually you fall out of your diet altogether

4) Do not reward yourself with food

5) Try to find an exercise buddy/support group to help keep you motivated

6) Make an achievable goal

Until next week, bon voyage!

“Just for Kicks”- If you mash up strawberries and baking soda and brush your teeth with them your teeth will get whiter, personally that’s gross and I’d just go with a whitening toothpaste.