Religions clash

I have chosen to speak about religion this week based on all the talk about the Qur’an burning. Yes, Qur’an, not Koran, ignorant English speakers. And it’s pronounced “Koor-AHN,” just in case you wanted to stop butchering it. The way that I view this burning that may or may not happen tomorrow is that it should not be creating such a commotion, or happening publicly.

Obviously it is just a media stunt in order to create more commotion about the Mosque possibly being built within 600 feet of ground zero. That is just ridiculous. I really wish people would just step back and look at what they are doing. Just for your information, Muslims and Islamics are not all terrorists, in fact, most are not. People need to keep that in mind. No one would have a problem if a church were being built there; look at the persecution and stereotypes being placed on these people! You honestly should be ashamed to call yourself an American in this “free world” where the only religion you can practice without persecution is Christianity. This simple-minded ignorance is disgraceful.

The point I am trying to make is that the commotion over this religion is horrendous. We are putting aside 9/11 so we can fight about a Masque and a book? Really? That is what the world is come to? We are so bored with our lives that all we can do now is sue and agitate others. I have no problem with the Qu’ran burning, people burn Bibles all the time, they are just books. The problem is the publicity.This is just some stupid stunt being done to make more people angry. September 11th is not a day for protests or violence, it is a day to put that aside and start to accept our brothers and sisters. I am not saying accept terrorists; I’m saying do not be so racist as to think they are all terrorists. You should know that every other country in the world views us as those “stupid Americans,” yet we have the guns so that makes us able to do anything. Stop thinking that your way to think is the only way to think.

The whole point of this article was not to bash religion or religious people, they are your beliefs for a reason; but instead to just make you realise that these are just people, people like you and me. All they want to do is build a mosque and live their lives in peace. All the propaganda being spread is just that, propaganda. I felt that I had to put aside my examinations for a week to talk about this, someone had to enlighten you. Just think first next time; do not get your information from Fox. Heck, your religion could be next, how would that feel?