Waste of time

So I’m frustrated with everything right now. I went to the store to look for some things to try and I saw boxes of sets everywhere. Proactiv – three or more bottles of different things to put on your face. Clean and Clear – same thing. And they’re not the only ones. Why do we need to spend fifteen to fifty dollars on three bottles smaller than our hand? Why do we need to spend 20 minutes in the bathroom washing our face? The last thing I want to do is take more than two minutes on my face every night, let alone in the morning when I don’t even want to get up until the last minute in the first place.

I just want to know why you need three different bottles of junk just to clear your face and keep it clear. There’s cleansers, toners, spot treatments, stuff for dry skin or oily skin, overnight masks, pore strips, and more. If there was a cleanser that actually did its job, you wouldn’t need the rest of that. So now let’s see. That saves anywhere from ten to forty five dollars, on top of five minutes in the bathroom to a night of not having to watch which way you turn your head.

So I’ve tried Proactiv before. I asked around to find out why there were three bottles (four if you include whatever bonus they’re trying to get you hooked on by sending you a sample of) and everyone kept saying there must be a reason it’s needed, otherwise it wouldn’t have been sold as a package. So I tried it. I’m not the most regimented person in the world, I probably missed some nights or some mornings, and I probably didn’t even use it for a whole month, but if it takes me 15 minutes twice a day for an entire month to finally see results, it’s not worth it. No results, no improvement, just wasted money and wasted time. Time I could have spent sleeping in a little longer.

I tried Clean and Clear too. It was a long time ago, so I don’t remember if it worked well or not, but I always keep a little bottle of their spot treatment in my bathroom. That at least works, though I don’t remember if it works in 24 hours like the box said it was supposed to. In my own opinion, if I’m going to use anything besides a cleanser, it’s going to be a spot treatment. Quick fixes for a bad spot, sometimes even before it’s visible. A lot of times, once it’s started, your cleanser can’t do as much as it could when your skin was clear there, so I will say that if I need an extra item, that’s what it will be any time you ask.

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