The Magic in ‘DUH-DUM’

Lately, I’ve found myself gravitating toward any song that could bring comfort. With the busyness of all the extracurricular on goings and my constantly irregular schedule, I can’t find the time of day; the time of day to lie on my bed and let my iTunes decipher what my heart desires through shuffle.

If I’m the only one in love with love songs, please tell me. They bridge the gap, the literal 1,592-mile gap, between where I am and where he is. They make the days easier and truthfully, go by faster. When I have those days, I can always count on my “DUH-DUM<3” (when spoken aloud, it creates the sound of a heart beat) playlist. This odd name originates itself from a heart beat, which is somewhat synonymous with love.

Music has ability, you know. Music has the ability to evoke: emotions, laughter, feelings, words, thoughts, movement, and tears. It has the ability to create: nostalgia, art, discrepancy, and confusion. It has the ability to be: what you need, what you wish you had, and what you want. Music is the ultimate energy supply for virtually all things. It is endless and will never run out. Music is always recreating itself in fresh ways and presenting itself in diverse forms.

When listening to music, keep in mind that it all has a purpose. Every artist and musician is striving to convey their message to their fan base. They want the things they are writing to be understood and empathized with. There is also a comfort that they provide. What are you are getting from it?

-Anna Gingrich


“DUH-DUM<3” Items (a handful):
Into The Future – Our Last Night
You Had Me At Hello – A Day To Remember
Best Days – Matt White
Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys
I Miss You – Blink182
The Only Exception – Paramore
Oh, It Is Love – Hellogoodbye
You and I – Ingrid Michaelson