Finding happiness in the smallest things

I have decided to take a different direction in this week’s blog. But before I can get to the point I’m trying to make, we first need to travel back before the school year began.

Over summer, my grandmother suffered from an aneurysm in her aorta, her chances of survival were less than 1%. Call it a work of God, a miracle or just an immense amount of luck, but she survived.

I had made the commitment of visiting her every single day until she went home. I was keeping my promise until the school year began to get into full swing and I fell back on that promise.

Okay, back to the present. The last few weeks have been hectic for me to say the least and time for relaxation has been scattered very thin throughout my schedule (in fact, writing this blog might be the most relaxing thing I have done all day). However, on Monday I went to visit my grandmother and although the time I spent with her was less than a half hour out of a full day of work and stress, the meeting stood out to me.

During that short period of time, I was truly relaxed, I was truly happy. It made me realize that it is necessary to find happiness in the smallest things in life.

So I have learned a valuable lesson to take with me throughout the rest of this school year and for the rest of my life.

Perhaps this idea will help lower the amount of stress that has amounted on my shoulders. But that will be for another time.