KCAI visits FHC art classes

A representative from the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), Mr. Jonah Criswell, visited art classrooms Thursday to talk to students who are interested in attending KCAI about the college’s requirements and how they can improve their artwork to get accepted into the school. KCAI is a distinguished four-year college of art and design that is in the top 10 art schools in the country.

Art teacher Michelle McCune is in contact with representatives from different art schools and arranges for students to sign up to have their work looked at by the representatives.

Senior Scott Kenkel is one of the students interested in attending KCAI.

“I’m planning on applying to Kansas City, as well as Milwaukee. With Jonah here, I have an opportunity to show him my portfolio so he can tell me what I need to work on before the big portfolio is due Oct. 16 at Washington University, which will have students from all across the country,” Kenkel said.

Today, Mr. Criswell gave presentations during 2nd and 3rd hour, then went through portfolios during 4th and 5th hour. Students were able to sign up for a time to show Mr. Criswell their full portfolio and get constructive feedback from him to improve their work.

Besides helping students, Mr. Criswell was also here to talk about the KCAI campus and what opportunities it has for its students.

“He said the school is dedicated to expanding with you, which I think is really cool. If your mind expands and you want to try something new but the school doesn’t currently support your project, they are there to find the resources for you so you can be capable of what you want to accomplish,” said Kenkel.

Ms. McCune said she is also trying to bring in representatives from Savannah Arts Academy and Florissant Valley Arts at St. Louis Community College for later in the year.