Lies and deceit

Recently I wrote an editorial about the iPhone 4, in this article I discuss its downfalls and why it is comparable to a brick; yet all of these are lies and everyone fell into my trap. I honestly have no problem with the phone, I just thought it would be fun to write the opposite viewpoint; I even own one of the phones now. Anyone can write their own viewpoints, but it is even more difficult to write the opposite of what you think, and write it well for that matter. It was written to get a reaction, which I got, countless people calling me a hypocrite. Maybe you are the one too blind to see what is actually going on. Do not believe everything you read, everyone lies. Sure I did not plan to write a blog about this but I could not pass up the opportunity.

Lies are the basis of any relationship, whether the ones participating in it would like to admit so or not. They could be huge lies such as cheating, or just small ones about what you are doing that night. Lies are the glue for society. They are the glue for everything. Politicians lie, parents lie, children lie, teachers lie, friends lie, any person you look up to lies. Half your life is possibly a lie, they call that posing. Half the bands these days write song to make hits or get famous, they have never experienced what they are writing about. Think of all the lies you are told as a child; the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, everything. Think of all the times when things were supposed to be ”all right” then turned for the worse.

Anyone who says they are not a liar is in turn lying. No one on this planet can go without lying for even a day. Lying is in our nature, it consumes us. I do not even think of it as a negative anymore, it’s a tool. Lying can be used to play trick on others, the possibilities are literally endless. We are conditions to view lies are such treacherous and deceitful evil things, yet I think they are positive. No man is meant to know the truth in everything, he would be driven insane. We lie to explain the unexplainable, we lie to save ourselves, we lie for others, we lie to prove character, the reasons are endless.

Think about it, everything that has been said in these blogs thus far could be a lie. Of course they are not, but there is always a possibility. Nearly everything seen on television is a lie, they are everywhere. Without lies society would crumble; they hold businesses together. People lie to evade taxes, they lie for anything. Lying builds character, it comes with practice, it is a skill (and a useful one at that). Just think twice before believe something and never assume what someone says is the truth; lying is in our blood. You must accept this, do not lie to yourself.