Student store goes unnoticed

While school has been back in session for a little more than a month now, students still are having difficulties with finding school supplies for all of their classes. Believe it or not, FHC has a student store. The student store has many supplies ranging from pens to binders to flash drives to clarinet reeds. The student store is located in room 127 and is open from 7 a.m. to 10:10 a.m. and has school supplies plus more.

Teachers attempt to inform students of the student store, but not many people know about it.

“[The student store] needs to be advertised better in order for people to know about it,” said English teacher Laurie Fay.

Many students are oblivious of our school having a student store, but now they plan to try the student store as an alternative to Target or Walmart.

Sophomore Ben Steffen, was unaware we had a student store until recently informed.

“I didn’t know we had a student store, but I probably wouldn’t use it unless I really had to,” said Steffen.



Pens (Black, red, blue) $0.50

Notebook paper $1.50

Index dividers $1.00

Index cards $1.00

Mechanical pencils $0.50

Pencils #2 $0.25

Notebook-70/80 count $1.50

1” Binder $2.00

Basic calculator $3.00


Band Reeds

Clarinet $3.00

Saxophone Alto $4.00

Saxophone Baritone $10.00

Saxophone Tenor $6.00



Glue sticks $1.00

Highlighters $0.50

Two pocket folders $1.00

White out $1.00

Headphones without microphone $2.00

Headphones with microphone $5.00

Poster Board $1.00

CD-R with case $0.50

CD-RW with case $1.00

DVD+R with case $0.50

DVD+RW with case $1.00

4 GB Flash drive $10.00