Wo-man in the Mirror

How we look and present ourselves is a BIG part of who we are. We carry ourselves based on our self-image, which supports our self esteem. In order to successfully carry ourselves in a positive manner (we should all be striving for this), we have to start at the base of the pyramid and work our way up to the top. If the basis of how we carry ourselves is weak then eventually the pyramid will crumble.

Self-image is how we see ourselves. It’s what we think about when we see that man or woman looking back at us in the mirror. I would say that majority of people look in a mirror in order to see what they can fix about their looks. Do I need more mascara? Is my hair flat? Do I need to add more cover-up? Very rarely do people look into a mirror in order to scout out what looks nice about them. I suggest focusing on features you like about yourself instead of worrying about how your nose is so big that it looks like the trunk of an elephant. Notice how pretty your eyes are or how your hair looks really silky today. Barbra Streisand has a huge nose but she compensates for it with her voice, and when she sings, most people are focused on her facial expressions as opposed to her nose. The same principle can apply to you. If you don’t like your nose, focus on how you can draw people in with your eyes.

*Note-White eyeliner+Black mascara=eyes pop and appear bigger (I can vouch for this)*

Another helpful tip to increase your self-image is to try not to compare your body to other peoples. If Susie has huge, warm, doe eyes and yours are just plain blue, don’t worry about it! Focus on YOUR features, cuz’ your bootay’ ain’t eva’ gunna’ be as big as J-Lo’s. And your eyes may never be as “doey” as Susie’s, but I personally believe that there is something physical that everyone can like about themselves and focus on (it will make you feel more positive about yourself).

And if you honestly don’t like the way you look there’s nothing wrong with changing stuff about your appearance (I think I dye my hair at least once every 3 months). You can dye your hair, get a perm, or highlights. Is it going to stay that way? No. But if you want to try out new hair colors, go for it. There are such things as colored contacts (non-prescription) that can change the color of your eyes if you really don’t like your eye color.

Just remember that what we look like makes up who we are. Our clothes, makeup, and hair show off our personality. I recommend not caring about how other people perceive you but DO care about how you perceive yourself. Remember that is you think you’re pretty other people may also and if they don’t you’ll have enough self image to know they’re wrong and not care. Next week’s topic will be a surprise (I honestly don’t know what it’s going to be about). Till next week I bid you adieu!

“Just for kicks”- Eat apples, pears, celery, carrots, cauliflower and cucumbers because they help to naturally whiten your teeth.

Health goal- I will dance my butt-off at homecoming and that will be my physical exercise on Saturday.