Saunas help skin care

So last week I talked about causes of acne and what it really is. Acne is when you get dirt clogged up in your pores, like skin cream that’s not made for your face, oils and even dead skin cells, as gross as that sounds. So in some ways, there’s no way to prevent acne other than cleaning your face regularly, twice a day recommended. Then, though, there are factors such as stress and environment that you can’t always control, at least not completely.

Now it’s important to know how you can control these things, even the ones that happen regardless of what you do, and I’m going to talk about one way to do this. Sweating. It may sound disgusting, but it is extremely good for your skin, with a catch.

Going to a sauna is a great way to rejuvenate and cleanse your skin. The heat opens your pores and the sweat pushes the dirt out of them. It also dilates your blood vessels which will increase blood flow through your body. This raises the amounts of oxygen and fluid that goes to your skin cells. If you’ll remember, hydrating your skin is one of the key factors in healthy skin, so getting those fluids into your skin cells is extremely important.

Statistically, for every fifteen minutes you spend in the sauna, you will lose about one liter of sweat. All of that sweat is pushing out dirt from your pores. All of that sweat is cleaning your skin. All of that sweat is helping your skin become healthier and healthier. Some even go as far as to say that it cleans more effectively than soap, which makes sense since it works from the inside out and can literally get deeper because of this. On top of benefits like these, it also helps some of your other organs because it effortlessly gets rid of wastes in your pores.

Now the catch. This can all be amazing for your skin, if you do one thing. Take a shower. Yes, you sweat out all this dirt and it’s out of your pores and you’re feeling great. But it’s sitting on your skin and your pores are expanded from the heat so if you don’t wash your skin afterwards, it’s just going to end up back in your skin. Then once you wash your skin, splash cool water in your face to close up your pores and prevent dirt from entering sooner than it would otherwise.

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