Ego freaks and drama queens

Humans can be made quite famous for their ego’s; such things as superiority complexes. When put in a leadership position they will always try to excel and extend their power. Such abuse is in our nature, we hunger for power. We always want more, nothing is ever enough. Humans can never settle for second best. Such is the nature of wars, we as Americans do not just fight to defend ourselves, we really fight to spread democracy. Everything can be related back to our selfish ways.

Yet today in society we are trained that ”everyone is a winner.” Yeah, like everyone will go to college, we will all drive Bugatti’s and fall in love with our dream spouse. This is more disturbing than our competitions. Such a nature of ”winners”creates no advancement in society. We would become a static world. We are all raised on these aspirations that we will become whatever we want and do what we want. At a certain age we will realize that all life can be is competition. A fruitless competition that ends with death. Who really cares about all the things they own, you will lose them all in death. We will not be famous, but what about infamy? It is better to be hated than to be not known at all. So instead of competing for possessions why not compete for power?

Without competition we would never succeed. We need winners and losers. We compete with other countries for medical advances, without this we would never cure anything. Competitions keep us moving forward. They keep us sharp. So do not give up, push yourself. Be the best. Do not settle for second. Throw away your ideals that are based in possessions and move on to more mature things. Gain power, be stronger, perform better. Your life could end at any moment, what will you leave behind?