Broadening the horizon

This past week I traveled to Costa Rica. It was an incredible experience in its own right, but on the plane ride home I thought about how the trip had really affected my life.

I have been blessed to travel to not just one but two foreign countries this year. Both of these trips have opened my eyes in ways I never could imagine. Going to Spain over spring break made me realize how diverse human culture is and the experiences of exploring a cosmopolitan city matured me more than any prior experience in my life. I realized that there is an immense diversity in daily life in every corner of the globe (Costa Rica showed me this, also). It also ignited my passion for traveling.

Costa Rica added to this revelation to me, but it also had another completely separate awakening.

I have to admit that I am not a fan of bugs and wildlife. I mean, I can tolerate them, but you wouldn’t find me anxious to go camping or anything else of that sort. However, the diversity of the wildlife and fauna I experienced in Costa Rica has changed this perception. I have realized that every creature, however minuscule or large it may be, has its own place on this planet. And that being ignorant towards wildlife is the same as being ignorant to ourselves.

So, what I am trying to say is that the greatest thing that you can ever do is to go out and explore and embrace the planet. This year has made me more aware of my place in this world and traveling to new places has made me a much more mature and knowledgeable person.