Vegas inspiration leaves impression

So, this past week was fall break in the Francis Howell Central School District. As a result of this, I went on vacation! That would be why there was no blog post last week. The other reason is because I was in Las Vegas to visit the infamous Anthony Bardis (boyfriend).

If you can recall from the first blog post, he is one of my biggest inspirations due to his musically inclined abilities and the fact that we talk about music pretty much every single day. Naturally, this was the perfect opportunity for me to make my way into his iTunes and get the goods.

On this trip, every time he and I went somewhere, he gave me control of the stereo. For a while, I just put my iPod on shuffle. Then, I decided to give his a shot. I felt like a music hog anyways. So I ventured out, plugged in his iPhone, and tried to find a familiar band. I could recall the band “I See Stars” from the ‘Rock the Block’ concert that he and I went to in June. –Click–

Turns out, I actually love the song I chose at random! It is called “Comfortably Confused”, and it was a tad ironic that I chose that particular tune. My absolute favorite songs almost always have splashes of piano or keyboard incorporated.

In the beginning of this song, it plays itself off as a hardcore breakdown. However, at the tenth second, the piano comes in and it creates a happy, upbeat rhythm. The falsetto and guitar add the edge that the song pleads for, not to mention the juxtaposed feeling of the happy entwined with the hardcore.

The band “I See Stars” has mixture of post-hardcore and electronica characteristics. The entire full-length album titled “3-D” is overflowing with this statement. From the intensity of the screams (highs and lows) to the sensuality of the lyrics, they truly are irresistible.

Another favorite song from the album, FYI, is the song “Common Hours.” Check it out, seriously. They can be found on iTunes, and the lastly said song can be heard here:

-Anna Gingrich