A town called hypocrisy

Hypocrisy; being a hypocrite is similar to being a human, the two go hand-in-hand. Quite frankly, the word has lost all of its meaning. No one who is on this Earth can say they are not a hypocrite. It may even be subconscious at some points; it is possible that we do something and then years down the road do the opposite. Such is hypocrisy, such is life.

It amazes me the amount of people who call me a hypocrite. These are the people who are hypocrites; these are the weak. They may be reserved, conceited, or just plain ignorant. Though I would say that the latter is the most prevalent in such situations. Now the term “hypocrite” has gotten to the point where when called one I just chuckle to myself. Call me conceited but why not judge yourself before you judge others? Because I know myself.

The root of hypocrisy would be assumptions. Humans always assume; we gossip, we spread rumors. It is these petty displays of selfishness that will bring our standards down. At some points during my day I become appalled at the behavior of my peers. Such displays of ignorance and misconception are the underbelly of our high school. Students are so unaccepting and critical of others; not only judging but also acting on their ideas.

We assume others are gay by the way they dress. We assume some one does drugs by who they are friends with. We assume a girl is a slut if she has what is deemed to have too many guy friends. Have you noticed how if a girl dates a lot of guys she is a slut, but if a guy dates a lot of girls he is a player? The ideals of high school are radically incorrect. Dressing with a style does not make one gay, one is not represented by who they are with, the list goes on and on. What if you were calling someone gay and they actually were? Or if someone overheard and was offended? With all the things going around on the web lately these things must be stopped.

I do not in any way want hypocrisy to be abolished, this task would be impossible. I am just asking you to be more accepting of everyone. In the end, we really just are organic matter beings. Forget skin color, we are all just carbon; large piles of decaying carbon.