How to keep your eyes froom looking tired

Why do you get dark circles under your eyes? How can you fix it? That’s what I’m hoping to tell you this week.

Extensive research has not been done, so this is the ALMOST definite answer. Imagine when you get your picture taken, and the first thing you notice is “my eyes are NOT red.” This is because the light reflects off of the blood vessels in your eyes. (Here’s a fun fact: if your eyes show up white instead of red where the color normally is, you should visit your hospital. It’s most likely a tumor.) So keeping this concept in mind, that must mean that the color in your eyes is not thick enough to reflect the light of the camera. In this way, the skin under your eyes is very much the same. It’s so thin, you can almost see though it. In other words, you can sometimes notice differences under the skin of your bottom eyelids.

When you are laying down, your blood flows more evenly though your body because gravity is concentrating on your entire body instead of just your feet. When you sit or stand, the blood pools in your jugular vein, leaving the veins under you lower eyelids deprived of bloodflows, turning them a darker color that shows through your skin there.

Another cause could be the release of histamine. This happens on its own the way your body works, but also occurs when you rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes causes slight swelling and a darkened color. Thirdly, getting dehydrated has also been known to darken your skin. Dehydration sometimes occurs when you’re too tired.

Some ways to get rid of them are to:

-Place a thick slice of cucumber on each eye. Lay down with your eyes closed for ten to fifteen minutes. Cucumber has long been known to reduce puffiness and give your skin a refreshing boost.

-Place cool tea bags on your eyes (once again, eyes closed, lying down, and for ten to fifteen minutes), preferably in the morning. The tannin reduces swelling and discoloration. You want them fresh, cool, caffinated, and damp. Try refrigerating them the night before.

-Put a spoon with some water on it in the freezer until the water is frozen. Place the spoon on your lower eyelids and hold until the water begins to melt.

-Try to get 7-10 hours of sleep every night!