Time slips through my fingers. Twenty four is the magic number but there’s nothing magical about it. Time for school, time for work, time for homework, time for food, and then (oh lord) time to work out? Time to work out, if there’s time. The subject of my blog is confessional.

I work like way too much (way too much means at least 4 or 5 days out of the week, right after school). What am I doing on the other 2 or 3 days of the week you ask? My answer: not the gym. Honestly, most days I can barely walk, let alone do the bunny hop or run on an elliptical. Am I gaining weight again? Yeah, like 5 pounds. But those 5 pounds make me feel like there’s a small fetus growing inside of me that’s adding extra weight that I just don’t need. So what do I do? Magically wiggle my nose and add more hours to the day? Plead the sun not to set? Quit my job? Put my fetus in the pouch of a kangaroo in the place of a joey? All of these seem like illogical solutions to my problem. My problem is that I’ve lied to my millions of readers who dedicate themselves once a week to reading my smooth stylin’ blogs. Brace yourselves people, this blog is about to become one rocky horror of a blog.

My confession is that I’m sitting here right now typing a “Get fit/self-image blog” and I look smokin’. Haha, but seriously I’m chompin’ down on Ritz bits Peanut Butter snacks that are 420 calories and I’m eating the whole bag…AND I’m drinking not water *cough* soda *cough.* Lies and slander! I said I wouldn’t drink any more soda and I haven’t stopped, there’s just something about that sweet, suckling sap that memorizes me. I have cut down on my ice cream intake though, down to like two a week. I still eat fried chicken, I still eat late at night, and I’ve definitely cut down on my fresh veggies and fruits. It’s not like I eat ice cream and drink a soda every day but they certainly have become more frequently consumed.

I feel like Brooke Windom from Legally Blonde, if you don’t know who she is then shame on you. Basically she lost weight due to liposuction and made the whole world think she lost weight by jumping rope. She then came up with her own exercise program for people to lose weight with a jump rope. Now I’m certainly not saying that I lose weight by jumping rope or that I cheated on my weight loss journey (it certainly wasn’t easy); I’m just saying that I could do better in the being healthy field.

But this blog is going to make a major turn around. I’m going to start blogging in a diary format about losing weight while telling the truth. If I eat a gallon of ice cream or a small mammal you (my faithful readers) will be the first people to know. If I jump rope for three hours and then race a cheetah you (my faithful readers) will be the first to know. That is all.