Ignorance is bliss

They say that ignorance is bliss, yet humanity is beyond this. We have become even ignorant to this phrase. We judge based on appearances, we think school can be wasteful, we base relations strictly on lust (whether you believe it or not). We are failing as a society.

As I walk through school I cannot help but notice how ignorant other students and sometimes even teachers can be. You do know that ignorance is simply a lack or knowledge or training right? It really is not an insult, yet the word has such a negative connotation. Lets say someone cannot understand polyatomic ions in chemistry, in order to solve this they must make an effort to solve their ignorance and get help. Yet, so many choose to ignore the problem. Thus making us even more ignorant to what is going on around us.

So many students still think that school is based on their abilities. This is partially true, but in general, it is just a game. If you do what the teacher expects then you will do well, the point of a class is not to convince someone else of your views. That is a nice way to flunk out of college though. It is the same with the ACT, this test is in no way difficult. In fact, I refuse to refer to it as a test, it truly is a game. There are strategies, the answers are scattered throughout, it is a joke.

Educate yourself. Truly educate. The most successful people in America are extremely educated, they figured out how to play this game early in life. Above all, read. A well read person can leave a remarkable impression. Break the mold of ignorance, why do you think so many other countries hate us?