Shakes, doughnuts and no applause

Dear Faithful Readers and avid Fans,

Let me start my blog first by saying that I about died this past Monday when my Zoology and Botany class had a doughnut party (I mean a healthy apple and pear party for those administrators reading this blog). First of all, the doughnuts were from Paul’s Doughnuts (gotta love good old Paul) and secondly, it was the first time Mr. Reed has ever allowed an “Apple and Pear Party” in his classroom out of all the millions of years he’s been teaching at Central. Y’all get 3 guesses as to who didn’t participate in eating doughnuts. That’s right, I didn’t. I felt that it’d be a good healthy choice for me to opt not to eat doughnuts, which it was, but it didn’t really matter in the whole scheme of things anyways. I haven’t stopped drinking soda, seriously shame on me. If anyone actually reads my blog can you like please shout at me in the hallway or when you see me and just say “Hey Kyle, no soda.” It’d really be greatly appreciated. Where I work (Steak N’ Shake), they just released 3 new Christmas milkshakes (go there to find out what kind). Naturally, I had to dig my paws into two of them, but just to taste test them of course.

I must applaud myself however for not eating much candy on Halloween. I can’t say I passed up candy on Halloween but I did only eat one chocolate bar…(oh crap)…plus that milkshake. Well never mind folks, no applause for me. I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN BACK TO THE GYM YET! Things keep getting in my way and I feel like I’m literally making excuse after excuse and it’s terrible. I will get back to the gym this week for sure. Thursday I’m going to the gym and I’m going to blog about it right afterwards and if I don’t I’m just seriously going to cut my blog and not write it anymore. I honestly do love my blog and I know you all love me but I don’t feel right writing a blog about getting fit and doing nothing to get fit myself. I’ve gained like 5 pounds, it’s really terrible and I feel like my fetus has grown a lot.

Till then, over and out.