Does makeup really cause breakouts?

So this school year, I did a little experiment, and I think I’ve given it enough time to share the results. For the majority of first quarter, I wore no makeup. Now that second quarter has started, I wear makeup about every other day. The result I’ve come to, is that there is very little change in the breakouts I get, and the changes are those itty bitty tiny ones that are easily concealed. Now maybe that’s just me. I use one of the healthy liquid foundations that is supposed to keep your makeup from seeping into your pores. Maybe other people would exhibit a more drastic change. But I wanted to tell you that that is what happened to me, because I like to share results with you all. The whole reason I started this blog was to share information.

The makeup I wear from day to day changes. I tend to do my makeup on the school bus because I don’t get up very early. Normally I just wear cover-up, but I really like experimenting with different eye shadows. I feel like they can pull an entire look together, be it a mood, an occasion, or an outfit. The less makeup you wear, the better. You don’t want oils getting into your skin because that will make you break out, and excess makeup that you don’t clean off becomes like caking dirt on your skin.

The thing I want to ask, though, is, is it really worth it to not wear makeup? And I don’t think it is. When I break out, I really do, and it’s off and on. My face either looks bad or it doesn’t, there isn’t much of a gray area with me, but everyone has a different skin type and therefore will react differently. So if wearing makeup when you’re broken out doesn’t make you breakout much more, why not cover it up and save yourself some of the worry of what everyone else will think, and remember, everyone has to deal with it at some point in time.