Balancing act

Life is all about balance. Too much of something is just as harmful as having too little of something. One of the things I have been struggling with most recently is this balance. A balance between my collegiate future and my high school reality.

We have always been taught to be mindful of our futures; we have always been taught to understand that what happens today will affect our tomorrow’s.

The problem for me lately has been that I am focusing TOO much on my future. I mean how couldn’t I? Picking a major that interests you and that will determine your career is vastly more interesting than working on math problems or reading for a history test. I’m thinking to myself (and I’m sure you are too) ‘These classes don’t REALLY matter in the long run, do they?’. But, by taking a look at the same philosophy, it is actually vital to my tomorrow that I take the time to give an effort today.

Getting accepted to my college of choice will mean nothing if I do not get any form of financial support to back it up. Will a university really want to give a hefty scholarship to a student who gives up once he reached his goal? The truth is, being accepted to a college is just the tip of the iceberg.

In order to be successful in life, you need to follow through with everything you do. With that, a decision has been made. In order for my tomorrow to become reality, I must balance. Starting today, high school work comes before college work. My today will be the forefront of my attention before my tomorrow.


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