‘Glee’ brings together old, new

I must admit that I am not an avid viewer of the hit series, Glee. However, I do find it quite amusing when I am sitting at home on a Tuesday evening and receive a phone call from my dad. “Hey, is Glee tonight?” he’ll ask. “Dad, I don’t know, and I don’t care.” “Well could you check? And then record it? I’m on my way home but I don’t want to miss anything.”

Amused, I press record and stay awhile to see what this episode is all about. I cannot fathom why, but my 42-year-old dad thoroughly enjoys this show! I understand the demographic the screenwriters are aiming for…teenagers. Not grown men. Nonetheless, my mother brought up the point that all people just absolutely love musical numbers, dancing, and all that theatre-type of entertainment. Back in WWII, that’s something that was pertinent to society. It is a ‘feel good’ kind of entertainment that people turn to whether they are cheerful or miserable, but mainly to get their minds off of their troubles.

Knowing that, I don’t feel like I have to fit into a certain category of “nerdiness” to enjoy that show. The choir kids can, the theatre kids can, my 42-year-old dad can, and therefore, I can.

Tuesday evening of this week, this show did not fail to keep my attention. The characters are so diverse (however unrealistic that may be) and the singing is so perfect (however impossible that is while seemingly being performed live) and the dancing was amazing (I have nothing negative to say about that). It was thoroughly entertaining! Then, at the very end, there was a purely fabulous musical number! I mean, it was freakin’ fabulous. The stage was covered in water and there was water falling from the sky. (Because that can happen in high school, right?)

Continuing with this musical number … all of the members had umbrellas and were dancing. The intro was mimicking “Umbrella” by Rhianna. I was thinking, “Oh good, this song sucks.” However, I maintained my position on the couch. Then, when the song was supposed to break into the chorus, the song “Singing in the Rain” from the musical “Singing in the Rain” made its entrance. This is quite possibly the most epic combination of modern and timeless music I have ever heard. Truly, the mouths of my dad and me dropped, and we quite honestly may have drooled a little bit.

The scene playing across my television screen brought the song to life! Following this premiere of the song, I ran to my laptop, opened the iTunes store, and bought the song. Three minutes and there it was. Bam.

This simply shows the music which many modern teenagers would normally have nothing to do with them has now entered their musical lexicon. Disguised as a current pop song, the 1950’s musical number has been reborn. Though being covered by many an artist, I feel this version may be my favorite. I am not kidding. Go and watch this week’s episode here- www.hulu.com/glee , and if possible, skip to the end. This scene is a must see and the song is a must hear.