Modern day slavery

Hi, my name is Kamrie Reed. I am a staff reporter on the Central Focus and have decided to start a blog about a new crime that is heavily prevalent all around the world called human trafficking. I will be specifically addressing one form of human trafficking called sex trafficking. I have had a passion for anti-trafficking for a couple of years and have had the opportunity to visit foreign countries to see some of this taking place. While visiting one country in particular I was able to hang out and visit an organization that provides a place for girls who were involved and at risk of sex trafficking. This will blog will consist to raise awareness about steps being taken to stop sex trafficking locally and globally, but also cases of sex trafficking locally and globally.

One thing America has always strived for throughout the last 200 or so years is equality. This equality always came at a price whether it was a high price such as blood shed or a minuscule cost such as one lowering their pride. This nation has been severely impacted by this struggle for equality. A defining moment for this nation would have to be the Civil War. This war was no longer us against them, but it was personal, brother against brother, father against son. America was challenged to see how far it would go for everyone to have true freedom and equality. As a result of this struggle, the 13th amendment was passed by the House of Representatives. Lincoln also took the liberty of freeing all slaves through the Emancipation Proclamation. Although the nation would continue to battle racism technically there was equality. On paper slavery was abolished in 1865, however instead of this heinous act disappearing off the face of the earth it was forced into darkness and has continued to this very day!

Modern day slavery is happening all around us. People are being used as sex slaves, work slaves, or a combination of the two. Whether one is living in third world countries or more developed nation such as America there will always be some type of modern day slavery. Human trafficking is the main source for modern slavery. Many people young and old are being trafficked across the border without their consent. Foreigners are most likely promised a well paying job to support their family or a second chance to start over in a new country. Domestic citizens are promised a better life. It is estimated that every 10 minutes 1 person is trafficked into the United States. According to the US department of State, there are an estimated six hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand people annually trafficked across the international border annually

The economies in many countries have become very reliant on one form of human trafficking called sex trafficking.Sex trafficking is seen through out the entire world. In some countries it is very open and nonchalant, while in more secure nations sex trafficking has taken place behind closed doors. Although in all countries it is not difficult to find these “services” if the price is right. All around the world girls are forced to have sex with paying customers to support their manipulative and powerful captors. I use the term girls because as stated by the US Department of Justice the common age for girls who have been sex trafficked is 12 to 14 years old! Technically any girl under 18 is never a prostitute because they are under age and can not give consent to selling themselves for sex even if it is legal. As said by a documentary called Sex and Money, the slaves are disposable like a paper cup. In the past slaves have been passed down from generation to generation. However, 21st century they are easily replaced just like a household product.

This injustice must be stopped immediately. I would like for this blog to be a place where one may ask questions and learn more about this ridiculous crime that is sweeping the nation. There will be post about global and local stories about anti trafficking movements, cases of sex trafficking (both local and global), and also basic information about equipping people to help raise awareness about America’s dirty little secret.