School locks down as a precaution

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At 11:25 a.m., Principal Sonny Arnel came on the intercom ordering for the school to go into lockdown. This was the first time the school has ever gone into lockdown.

Dr. Arnel received an e-mail from Central Office just a few minutes prior to making his announcement informing him a bank robbery had taken place at UMB Bank at 6059 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, which is approximately one mile away from school. According to St. Charles County Sheriff Department, the bank was robbed of approximately $1,500.

At first, the exterior doors were ordered to be locked; however, once Dr. Arnel was told the police found bait money and transmitting equipment at the intersection of Motherhead Rd. and Hwy N, he ordered the school into complete lockdown, having to assume the robbers were in the area if not already in the school.

“All of us had to go inside immediately,” said security guard Dennis Tucker. “Most of us were pretty calm about it but because we aren’t armed we can’t be outside.”

At 11:41a.m., Dr. Arnel brought the school out of lockdown once the authorities said that the suspects were no longer in the area; however, the school remained cautious throughout the remainder of the day.

“We are resuming normal activities and simply asking all classes to remain inside,” said Dr. Arnel in an e-mail to faculty and staff. “PE & Recycling are examples of classes that will stay in.”