Runnin’ to the most played list

On a regular basis, I will never leave my house without a fully charged iPod and a jack for the car I will be driving. I honestly cannot stand the radio, mainly because the mainstream stations are the only things which play good music, but even then, it is unpredictable.

However, this past Sunday on my way home from church, I heard a song that I could absolutely not get out of my head. I didn’t know its name so I went home and ‘googled’ the only words that I knew. Turns out, the song is called “Please Don’t Go” by Mike Posner. I haven’t been able to turn it off since.

The thing about this song in particular, is that the beat is ridiculously catchy. I cannot describe what it is, exactly, that makes me love this song, but the beat is definitely a big part. It fades back and forth during the chorus, in and out of the beat. As if to fall behind, then run back and catch up while being perfectly synched. The thing that also makes this song is the lyrics. They are actually clever and seem to be perfectly tuned to the beat. When he is “runnin’ from tomorrow,” it lines up with the beat as it tries to catch up to the rest of the song. Yep, it’s deep.

It is actually so good that when was driving on the highway last night, I had my windows down (yes, in November) and turned it up legitimately all the way. The bass in my car does this song so much justice; I could almost not handle how much I loved it. Even more so, when I pulled into my garage and went inside, my mother commented, “Could your music be any louder!?” and I honestly said, “Uh, I don’t think so.”

Probably, the most fascinating thing about this artist is that he is white. I am not saying that the demographic of the mainstream is African American…but you could say that it is what I’m alluding to. He is pulling off this hip-hop, futuristic, dance beat in a very clever kind of way. I am thoroughly impressed.