Website, staff receive national recognition

On Saturday, November 13, the National Scholastic Press Association ranked fifth out of hundreds of online student journalism publications nationwide in its Best of Show.

Staff members also competed in write-off competitions at the convention. Senior Executive Editors Cory Schmitt and Ted Noelker received Honorable Mentions from the Journalism Education Association for their news and sports feature articles, respectively.

“This is the second year has been live, and we’ve been recognized for our work both years,” adviser Matthew Schott said. “We’ve got a great group of students who do work that competes and often surpasses the work some of the St. Louis media does.”

Additionally, the Dow Jones News Fund recognized Mr. Schott for his work in high school journalism nationally as part of its national teacher of the year competition. Schott was given the 2010 Special Recognition Adviser award.