Hollow eyes

Hollow. This one word comes to mind when thinking of victims of sex trafficking. Mere bodies being exchanged for a piece of paper with a number and well-known Presidents’ faces. These victims feel absolutely nothing. They stare out into what may seem like a big black hole and become numb to their surroundings. They know that they will never be happy again and hope to ignore the pain that continues to embed itself in their inmost being

They are no longer humans, but instead these people are a skeleton with a thin layer of skin around them. Beaten to submission and so severely traumatized that they can no longer think of escape but rather come to the conclusion that this is their life and there is no way to change it.

Imagine the sale of cattle how they are simply auctioned off to the highest bidder then later on branded as property. The owner does this to make a statement such as, “This is mine. This cattle will always be mine.” It is no longer the calf of a cow but is controlled by a person.

Imagine a pimp purchasing a young slave. He proceeds to create a piece of iron in a unique design that pertains to his “business” cards. He then slowly walks over to a stove and heats this home made branding tool that will soon be plunged into the skin of his proprety. As the iron turns a fiery malicious color he taking the newly purchased “item” by the wrist he sets the iron into the slaves wrist. Screams are heard through out the house but the pimp is only claiming what is his, right? He purchased this girl, so why can’t he claim her? What’s the difference? This girl is seen as property, so why can’t he just put his mark on her?

According to a recent movie produced by an anti-trafficking organization called Streetlight most victims of prostitution are branded by their pimps. This gesture reduces the persons value. It creates this myth that says “you are my property and nothing else. It is only business and I can do whatever I want with you because you are no longer your own. I am your owner.”

This recent video has effectively raised awareness about this new crime and has portrayed the life of a young girl trapped in the sex trafficking trade.