Human trafficking problem in U.S.

It is a rare and special moment when pimps are captured and tried for the crimes they have committed against their prostitutes. Aaron Cohen, author of “Slave Hunter,” describes girls who are sex trafficked as dispensable. That way of thinking makes it uncommon for girls to be rescued from the sex trafficking trade. However, when pimps, people who manipulate and force young girls to become prostitutes, are arrested it is a rare jewel.

In the month of November, 99 pimps and 69 young girls, who were victims of sex trafficking, were arrested. According to the New York Daily News these girls were between 12 to 17 years of age. This nation wide bust consisted of 30 states including the District of Columbia. Over 2100 police men and women were involved. The largest rescue of victims in one city took place in Seattle. The FBI is now partnering with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to identify these young victims. This is an amazing mark for the fight against sex trafficking. Although it is very upsetting that all of these girls were underage, it does show that the government is taking action on human trafficking.

With this type of information in front of us, one can not help but see the mass problem nations as a whole have on their hands. Most of these girls are children who have runaway, but have no place to go. The pimp then offers them some type of safety and soon lures them down the road of sex trafficking. These girls are being preyed upon because of that simple innocence every child has. The pimps try to fill the void in each young girl’s life and they naively follow these men into a world full of hate and no hope.

With this in mind I consider it a great accomplishment to see the progress governments are making to one day end sex trafficking through out the world.