Overwhelming greed

Greed is a substantial part of human nature, a part that which seems to rear its ugly head and make itself more prominent around this time of year. Those people who give just to expect something in return disgust me; those people who always expect what they want disgust me. Yet, such greed does not occur only around this time of year but also year round. You see, a human’s want is infinite yet supply is only finite. We always want more, our insatiable greed just grows and grows throughout life. From children to adults our greed slowly consumes us until we become another button-down, sleeper-cell, bland spec of carbon.

Children always what that new toy; teens what that new fad; adults want a new car or some other gadget. We are hooked on consumerism. People try to pretend that they are not hooked on the latest product or add, but we all know they affect us some way.

“The things you own end up owning you,” said author Chuck Palahniuk

Truer words have never been spoken. We define ourselves by the items we own; apple fanboys, gamers, skaters. The things we own already own us. Every time some new gadget comes out we end up having to buy it. Black Friday is no longer just a Friday; it even extends to Cyber Monday. People stomp each other trying to get a couple dollars off a toy or maybe a couple hundred off a new TV. Is it really worth it? You can just go to some surplus or third party internet site and buy the same item for cheaper that the Black Friday price; plus, you wont end up being murdered for an Elmo doll. Consumerism is the fire slowly burning down the supports of America. Is that pair of jeans really worth it?