Skin care is more than skin deep

People have long cared how they appear to others, and their image of themselves often makes them strive to look better. Being teenagers, that happens much more frequently. People are at that age of their lives where they’re dating and making new friends. They think it’s important to look good everyday, because who knows when you might meet someone special? And this is normal. There’s nothing wrong with this. What I don’t understand is why people care so much about how they appear that they’re willing to spend $40 per bottle on creams and lotions, apply avocados, cucumbers, and lemons to their faces, and even wear sunscreen every day during the summer, yet people don’t take care of the rest of themselves. What makes skin care so important?

You can go all the way back to Shakespearean times and before to see how, for example, women prepared for a date. They didn’t have the luxuries of makeup, but they wanted their cheeks to hold color so much that they would hit themselves to cause a flushed look. Nowadays, we just use blush. As the times go on, and new things (such as blush) come out, the styles also change. It seems now that people like tanned skin, but in Shakespeare’s time, skin as light as ivory was ideal for any woman. Women now will lay in their backyards for hours, go to a tanning salon, get a spray on tan, or even apply a fake tan at home that washes off in the shower. Our skin is important to us, and we want it to look good. That is why we put so much effort into making it our own idealistic picture.

Inner health, though, is even more important, and it can contribute to keeping your skin looking healthy. If you’re like me and don’t eat the types of food you’re supposed to, nor anywhere near the quantities you should consume, your skin is lacking important vitamins and minerals. These help keep your skin from drying out, from scarring, and it keeps elasticity up. This is important for when you get older, because taking care of your body now will help prevent lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone as you age. Prevention is just as important, if not more, than working on it when it happens. Try taking preventative measures. Take care of yourself, rather than just your skin. It’s your body as a whole that’s important.