Healthy food

Dear Jared Fogle and other Subway lovers,

This diet is KILLING me! Not even going to lie here. I work at Steak N’ Shake (as most of you all know) imagine my pain. On my first diet, once I got over the one week hump, I was content with eating healthy food and giving up fatty foods that I love. I loved drinking water, it was refreshing. I loved eating lettuce, not really. Who loves eating lettuce? The point is that I was well into my diet (about 4 months) before I started working at my job. Now it’s unbearable. Smelling greasy, juicy, succulent burgers and chicken fingers kills me. Seeing shakes perfectly topped with sprinkle or chocolate chips with a dollop of whipped cream and a bright red cherry kills me. Just knowing that I’m headed towards work kills me because I want what I can’t have. I’M DYING (mentally and physically).

On a lighter note it helps that there is a Subway across the street. I can’t count the number of times I go to Subway during a break at work (which isn’t often) or after work. My favorite sub from Subway is most indubitably the sweet onion chicken teryaki sub. In reality when compared to other fast food chains the sweet onion chicken teryaki sub is relatively healthy. However, when it’s compared to other subs at the same place it really isn’t the healthiest choice for someone on a diet to eat. My recommendation? When picking your bread most definitely start out with the whole wheat sub. Choose ONE meat. I recommend the turkey or oven roasted chicken breast because they are more lean than other meats there (a.k.a. salami or roast beef). Whether you get cheese or not it up to you. Keep in mind that cheese is extra calories that aren’t necessary but you do need to get a source of calcium at some point in your day and cheese provides calcium. If you do pick cheese I recommend the pepper-jack cheese because supposedly spicy foods help to boost your metabolism; if you have a higher metabolism your body will burn calories more efficiently. I love getting my subs toasted, it’s my reward for eating healthy. After they toast (or don’t toast) your sub load it up with veggies! Seriously put nearly everything on it. I put tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, onions, and green peppers (I’m going to start putting black olives on my subs, I decided yesterday). Lastly opt to get a light mayo on your sub or no sauce at all. Finally, you have a “healthy foot” (a healthy foot long sub) that you can feel great about eating and that tastes great.


Stay Strong,
Kyle Braden

P.S. I ate Imo’s last night with cheesy bread and salad. No, it wasn’t healthy but it was my great Grandma’s Birthday so I don’t feel guilty about it. Holidays and Birthdays you can eat unhealthy on, just reduce your portion sizes and don’t starve yourself!