The good things in life

Throughout my blog I have focused on the more negative aspects of human nature. This week I have decided to write something a bit more positive. I want to write about the good people. We all know one or two; just those people that are always in a good mood and constantly upbeat, and I am talking about the really happy people. The ones who seem to have it all together. The people who always seem to bring a smile to your face. Currently, I can already think of two people who fit this mold.

It is this that brings light to the world; enough light for me to notice and decide to write about. They always set good examples, they always do their work, they are always sweet. There is just nothing negative about them. I adore people like that. I think it makes everyone more enjoyable to be around. It really puts people in a good mood. I would not say that this just happens around the holidays, if anything, people are more rude around these times, so do not think that. These are the people who are kind and giving all the time, not just around a few days.

They may stay up very late every night doing homework yet they still come to school with a smile on. The kind of person you could never see getting into an argument. As close to perfect as humanly possible. These people are the ones that make up for everyone else’s mistakes. Their good weighs out the bad that other people have committed.

I hope that we all aspire to be like them. Just try; one day just try to be better. Try to make someone’s day. Try to be the best you can be, do not let those petty things get you down. Make it your goal to be stress free. Some of the things people our age worry about are so pointless, just let it go. So try to make someone feel better, you might make your own day in the process.