I’ll put a spell on you

Unrequited love is probably one of the most notorious music genres. Sappy, cheesy love songs are present everywhere, the worst being wanna-be country stars practically whining into a microphone as someone plays one chord repeatedly on the guitar. Art? No. Music? Maybe. I guess it would depend on who you ask, but in my opinion, which is the only one that matters, I think not.

Which brings me to my designated topic: Music that doesn’t suck. Today, I chose “Strange and Beautiful” by Aqualung. If you have never heard this song look it up right now. RIGHT NOW! This is one of my all time favorite songs. I like a lot of songs, and this one makes the top five. So, I would say that’s significant. Maybe not to you, but like I said, my opinion is the only one that matters here. 🙂

If you are one of those people who are solely dependant on song lyrics to determine whether a song is good a bad, “Strange and Beautiful” would be so-so. The lyrics are significant, but not extraordinarily deep. But, while simplistic and to the point, the lyrics are real. I can imagine the exact mindset Brit Matt Hail (the one and only artist that makes up Aqualung) was in while he wrote it. Throughout the song Brit talks about someone strange and beautiful, wow what a shocker, who never notices him. He loves her and talks of putting a spell on her so that she will love him in return, but also talks of how sometimes you never get what you really want, but all you can do is wait. Okay, plainly put I suppose that sounds a tad creepy. But, while listening to the song itself you aren’t struck with the feeling of being creeped out. You feel empathy.

Besides the lyrics feeling legitimate, the actually music being played is gorgeous. That’s the only word to describe it. The melody has an almost dream like quality that has repeatedly lulled me to sleep when my mind wouldn’t rest. The entire song has the notion of whimsy.

“Strange and Beautiful” by Aqualung is strange and beautiful, ironically enough. And it deserves to be listened to. So go. Now.