Civil war reincarnated

1865 was a year of freedom. That year, President Abraham Lincoln declared that there would no longer be slavery. Lincoln promised a brighter tomorrow for the slaves and presented them with the gift of freedom.

As we know, this freedom’s price was rather demanding and nearly cost our nation everything. Freedom dangled the nation over a line, once crossed, no nation could return from. It caused our nation to grow up. We were no longer a jumble of states that were lucky enough to defeat their superiority.

We were a nation.

The Civil War possessed an eerie presence of death and destruction. It robbed many people of their hope for a better tomorrow. However, this war did leave behind something worthwhile. It taught citizens to respect their freedom. Even today, we remember the terrible price freedom cost our nation.

Slavery was soon abolished, but it came at a price. It is evident in history that the price paid was overall a great benefit to the nation.

What is it going to take to end modern day slavery today?

(by modern day slavery I mean human trafficking in general)

Does the cost involve war? A war so close to home that it forces brother against brother. Having both “sides” running full force at each other and fellow nations only wondering who will win. Citizens forced to either fight for freedom or join the “enemy.” People unable to choose neutrality and pick a poison. A war based on justice and equality.

Or should we pull a Gandhi. Would it be best to love no matter what. Choose to still search for justice for people breaking the law, but also assist victims in the full recovery process. Allow the law to fight and punish criminals while citizens tend to the destruction.

War creates more destruction and hurt than ever before. It may temporarily force someone to succumb to a law but will never change the problem. By running on fear a country will be unable to support itself. People must choose to change. Only through this solution can we hope for the peaceful defeat of slavery.

We need to start caring enough for victims of sex trafficking to induce a change that will change the hearts of others.