Party like a Millionaire

Parties need to have a certain vibe. Listening to smooth jazz won’t cut it. Neither will heavy metal. Neither will screamo. Or love songs. Or folk music. Or Indian spirituals. All you need is something with a decent beat and an upbeat tempo, or else your party will be a snooze fest.

An easy choice would be rap. But, how cliché.

What’s needed is some music that energizes the crowds. What’s needed is The Millionaires.

This old trio is now only a duo, with only Melissa Marie Green and Allison Green now that DaniGore left the band. But, I don’t miss DaniGore one bit. She decided to go in a different direction. Nevertheless, The Millionaires are still as good as ever.

These girls have a techno, electropop feel to them. Their music never fails to get me in a party mood. Probably partly because almost every single one of their songs is about partying. Now, I must warn you, I wouldn’t exactly listen to their music around my grandma. Their lyrics are risque to say the least, but their lyrics are hilarious and the beat is bouncy: perfect for dancing the night away.

The Millionaires are just an all around good band. It’s a dance around the room singing into a brush sort of band. And I must add that I saw them at Warped Tour a few years ago, and they’re as good live as they are recorded, which is a rare trait now-a-days.

Basically, if you like having fun and listening to crazy, techno-type music, check them out. And if you like them, may I also suggest The Medic Droid’s song “Fer Sure”. Same sort of feel, but in a different package.

I’ll just end this blog with one final thought; Ke$ha needs to watch her back. Because The Millionaires are louder, crazier and just all-in-all better.