A blessing or a curse?

As we have all come to realize, this economy has its downfalls. When you are a teenager though, you do not necessarily think about it. You spend your money on gas, food, events, electronics, etc, but what happens when you bring a baby into your life? Some teenagers never think about how their whole life could change because of one mistake. There is a reason your parents tell you not to ever be in that situation. They want you to live your life to the fullest.

Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a teenager might ever face. It can put a hold on school and other plans. It can also put a lot of pressure on you and you may end up feeling shame and fear, even stress. The stress of telling your parents might be even more difficult. However, denying that you are pregnant could make things worse for you and the baby. You should think about the prenatal care and counseling. You have a choice though and making that choice could either be very difficult or rather simple.

Doctors know we make mistakes, so they have come up with ways to fix it. Such as abortion (which you may or may not be against), adoption and birth control. People have used birth control for thousands of years. Even today, they have many safe birth control methods available to us. Everyone who uses birth control wants to find a method that is best for them. If you are still trying to choose, learn about each method, and it may help make your decision.

If planning for adoption, you must put your baby before anything else, but also the reassurance of the adoption. Some topics you may want to think about when choosing adoption is what kind of adoption. A closed adoption means that there is no contact with the birth parents or the adoptive parents. A semi-closed adoption consist of agencies. The birth parents may see their child and the adoptive parents, but no contact or exchanging information is allowed. Open adoption offers the choice of communication between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. You may exchange photos, e-mails, phone calls and you may even visit them.

Abortion is the hard choice. I am not stating my opinion but if you are “pro-choice” then there are ways to get help. You could take the abortion pill or go to the clinic. The medicine is safe and effective, but can be a dent in your budget. It cost about $350-$650. Going to the clinic is also very safe and effective. Your doctor may give you a list of choices about how you would like it done. It cost about $350-$950 in the first trimester.

As teenagers, we should not have to face something like this, but it is also up to us not to make a mistake. You want to have fun, party, live your life. All of that could be easily destroyed in one regrettable night. Make the right choices in your life and do not have any regrets.