Blizzard blockbusters

Let’s get one thing straight here, I hate the cold and snow is only fun for one day of sledding. After that, it’s just a giant mess. The only redeeming quality is to sit next to a warm fireplace while drinking hot chocolate and watch your favorite movies.

The standard setup for any winter movie marathon I believe begins with your standard collection of Disney films. Anything from “Aladdin” to “Finding Nemo” will do. These are films we all grew up with and great time fillers for any person. I like then to move on to the action movies. I’ll add the “Bourne” trilogy to the DVD pile and then maybe top it off with Mark Wahlberg in “Shooter.”

Superhero films are great to watch when the sleet is coming down “Spider-man 2” and “The Dark Knight” are a must. Girls might want to make it a day of chick flicks with mom, so pop in “The Notebook” or “Titanic.” These are movies I wouldn’t watch, but from what I’ve heard these are great films in that genre. It’s times like this that make terrible movies to watch bearable because what else is there to do, homework?

In this case, the remake of “The Wicker Man” is a great addition and any movie being shown on the Syfy channel. Any Muppet film would be good, but I’ve heard if there is one to watch it’s “Muppet Pirate Island.”

For the horror fans, snow days are great for turning off the lights and watching Freddy or Jason rip people to shreds. There are a million comedy’s out there, I watched “I Love You, Man” and “Thank You for Smoking,” but just pick something that is actually funny, and leave movies like “Scary Movie 4” and “Semi-Pro” in the terrible movie pile. Enjoy your snow days everybody and stay safe.