Action is key

While litening to this interview I was struck with this though until we start fighting, people like Denis Hoff, the owner of a legal brothel called “Moonlight Bunny House,” will continue to run a legitimate business of prostitution in Nevada. Although he does enable women to sell their bodies for profit, he does it all legally. The prostitutes there are all 18 years or older and are there on free will. The women are able to keep half the profit and sometimes earn up to six figures. There are individual rooms for each woman equipped with a safety button the woman may push if a client is dangerous. Lyon said it was one of the safest places in terms of sex work. Even though I sharply disagree with the way Hoff chooses to enable prostitution, he still maintains safety which is something that never happens in a brothel.

The public obviously sees nothing wrong with prostitution, but I can only hope people may attempt to see what it is like for the mothers of these young girls. Lyon interviewed the mother of an underage victim of sex trafficking.

“It is disgusting. I think our whole society is so out of control with accepting this and saying it is ‘okay’ or it is what it is. She is a child,” the mother said.

One can not even fathom what it must be like for this mother. She has no idea what her daughter has been through, and she can not even think about what the future holds. How will she help her daughter heal from this trauma?

A victim of prostitution was also interviewed. She revealed a truth that could easily be our future if something is not done about sex trafficking.

“Virginity was not an option where I came from. It was taken from you. So when you get into [prostitution] and you have someone telling you that you can sleep with them for money and you already lost your virginity, why not? Sex is not as sacred as it once was,” a victim said.

This woman was prostituted at the age of 13. She barely even hit puberty and was immediately robbed of her dignity.

How many girls must have the same fate until we act?