Fountains of Wayne

Have you ever listened to a band and thought, “Why the heck is this band not mainstream? They have the talent, so why not the publicity?” I have, and most likely all of you have as well. The sad truth in showbiz is that simply being talented doesn’t always give you the fame you so rightly deserve.

This is the case with Fountains of Wayne. You’ve probably heard some of their songs and never even realized it. They are the band that created the song “Stacy’s Mom.” But, they have so many other songs that are just as good, if not a little different. Their music has a calm, almost, dare I say it, indie flavor to it.

Now, I understand if you have never really heard of any of their songs other than “Stacy’s Mom,” because I stumbled upon them by sheer luck. I remember that someone got me their CD one Christmas, and for about a year I never touched the CD. But, one day on a whim I decided to listen to it. My whole perception of the Fountains of Wayne changed after that day. I realized that they are more than a one hit wonder. They really are. That, and it’s people’s reluctance to listen to new music that causes talented bands like Fountains of Wayne to never get the recognition they are entitled to.

I know an obscene amount of no-name bands that haven’t gotten the face time they deserve and while this sometimes makes me feel special because I know all of these “undercover” bands, they deserve more. Sometimes, you have to think about how you would feel if that was your band that was unheard of. It makes the band feel like they are doing something wrong, when really it just isn’t being promoted by their fans because they want to keep them under-wraps. This is something really selfish to do. And I myself have committed this crime. I keep my favorite little bands a well kept secret, but this isn’t fair to the actual band. They deserve their shot at stardom. And everyone else deserves a chance to listen to their music.

This is why I am strongly recommending the Fountains of Wayne. Their music is slower paced, so don’t expect some hardcore rock when you listen to them.

My personal favorites by the Fountains of Wayne are “Mexican Wine,” “Hey Julie” and “Hackensack.” So next time you’re craving something a little different, look up a song or two by them and give them a chance. They deserve it.