New make-up days to take away holidays, parent-teacher conferences

Secondary Make-Up Day Schedule

Day Date Missed Make-Up Date
1 Dec. 16 May 25
2 Jan. 11 May 26
3 Jan. 20 May 27
4 Jan. 21 May 31
5 Jan. 24 June 1
6 Feb. 1 April 25
7 Feb. 2 March 11
8 Feb. 3 March 25
9 June 2
10 March 14

Thursday night, the Board voted 7-0 to approve the preceding snow make-up day schedule for secondary schools. (The elementary make-up schedule is available on the district website.) Secondary schools in the Francis Howell School District have now missed a total of eight days of school due to inclement weather conditions. The Board’s vote revised the original schedule for the year, which had May 23 and 24 listed as the first two make-up days when, in fact, the last day of school was scheduled as May 24. The new make-up schedule corrects this error and builds in additional days the make-up schedule.

The Missouri Department of Primary and Secondary Education only requires districts to schedule in six tentative make-up days into their original calendars. However, the department does require that a maximum of ten days be made-up if necessary due to weather cancellations. After the first six days, the Missouri Department of Education then requires half of the additional days of missed school be made up (two missed days = one make-up day) up to a total of ten make up days. After that, additional missed days are forgiven. The district, however, is requiring each day be made up in full. Thus, the eight missed days so far this year will equate to eight make-up days. However, the district will not make-up more than ten total days in the event more days of school are canceled due to inclement weather, as it says not enough additional days are available to make-up this time.

Currently, secondary schools will be in session through June 1. (May 31 and June 1 will be half days.) The following days that were originally scheduled to be holidays will now serve as further make-up days: March 11 (Friday beginning spring break), March 25 (Friday off after parent-teacher conferences) and April 25 (Easter Monday). Because school will now be on the Friday originally scheduled to be off for parent-teacher conferences, those will not take place at the secondary level. Graduation will still take place June 4, and secondary-level summer school will still begin June 6.