Super Bowl hunnies

Yes, the Super Bowl has come and gone. Steelers lost, and the underdogs, Packers, are wearing a pretty little Super Bowl ring right about now. During this time of great celebration, Americans come together to make tons of fatty junk food and watch a game that will consume the rest of their afternoons. We laugh joyously as we watch the hilarious commercials, while young girls and women prepare for one of the busiest nights of their lives.

Many fans have heard about all of the perks that come with the Super Bowl, but rarely has anyone heard of the thousands of girls trapped in a crime so vile. Thousands of girls were imported for the pleasure of the fans of course. This night was a pimp’s greatest dream. There are tons of men and boys looking to have a good time after their favorite team has won. They want to party and pimps are the ones who can bring that party right to their hotel rooms.

So one of America’s greatest pass times is now defiled. Daughters are raped along with mothers, sisters and friends. Something must be done to stop this. On this particular day, certain non-for-profits were able to amplify the faint whispers of these slaves held in bondage. People responded to this call to do something about this crime. Love146 (a non-for-profit organization that helps victims of sex trafficking) chose to raise awareness for these victims by putting a billboard up. It read a simple sentence that was drenched in love. It read, “It’s not my fault.” These young and old victims need to know that. They need to know that people still care for them. We do not see them as a whore, but a victim. We know it is not their fault but that they are forced into this crime. We see that, but it is our job to tell them.

Along with Love146, there were other local non-for-profits who set out to sincerely love any girl that came their way. They were not only raising awareness, but they would reach these people. They set out to let them know they are loved personally face to face.

The acts of awareness done by so many non-for-profits is extremely with comforting. Someone else cares. We took action. People are finally hearing the cries of the “unloved.” These acts are so inspiring. It was only a group of people who set out to talk with others. It was that simple. No one had to have a college education or studied human trafficking all of one’s life. It was the average Joes, people who said they were going to donate one night to raise awareness. One night, and the impact is everlasting. People know. Men are informed. We never know how much one simple thing like this could impact people in such unique ways.

With all of this in mind, I ask you what is stopping us from raising awareness for these innocent victims of sex trafficking?