Getting it going

Daniel Tedder, Staff reporter

The clink of metal weights being shifted is mixed with the shouts of exasperation, of exhaustion, and the white noise of rock music playing in the background. These were the daily sounds by the FHC football team this summer. Every day the football team could be heard and seen working in the weight room, 7-9 a.m every morning.

Now is the pay off. Now, the season begins and those countless hours and days over the summer will pay off. Coach Todd Berck has high hopes for the season.

“We expect to compete for the conference title. We didn’t have that many senior starters last year, our seniors this year will step up as team leaders,” Berck said.

This optimism is mirrored by junior Cody Nevins, who believes last year’s seniors, like Kendall Morris and Brody Allen, were not one of a kind.

“I think [they] can be replaced with the new group of seniors,” Nevins said.

August 22, the team opens up its season at home against GAC rivals Fort Zumwalt East. Fort Zumwalt East looks to be a tough opponent. The Lions’ quarterback, Shane Barrett, may present a unique challenge. An all-state quarterback his sophomore and junior year, the team will look to stall him, according to senior Alexander Chiles.

“If we can contain Barrett and keep him in the pocket, then we have a great chance,” Chiles said.

Their hard-work will be on display when they kick off this season at 7 p.m. Friday, at Don Muench Memorial Stadium.