New for business department

With technology advancing so fast these days the business department tries to keep up with the technology to help show the students and let them get a taste of what just came out, according to Schaeffer.

“Each year, I write a grant to get the newest technology for student to investigate and see if it is something [the students] want to buy,” said Mrs. Cindy Schaeffer, business teacher.

iPads are the new interest in the business technology classes. There are three iPads per business class in five rooms, a total of 15.

“[My] favorite part of this is to hear students’ reviews of what they like about it and what they find interesting,” said Mrs. Schaeffer.

In the business technology class, Mrs. Schaeffer has her students work in groups to explore what the iPads offer and demo it to the class. They also find their favorite app and use teacher developed unit of instruction to understand all its features.

“The iPads can use iTunes cards to buy apps, which is useful because people get iTunes gift cards for both music and games on iPods, iPhones and now iPads, but students can not use their own gift cards,” said Mrs Schaeffer.

As technology advances new things are added to the schools curiculumn and help students learning about new products that change after the first generation has been sold.

“Our iPads do not have cameras on them, but the new generation coming out will have cameras on them,” said Schaeffer

Next year the classes that students get to work with the iPads are Business Technology and Keyboarding/Digital Communications.